When Appliances Go Wrong (and Right)

When Appliances Go Wrong (and right)!

I’ve had a nightmare of a week. Do you want to know why? Dishes! That’s right…dishes! Because I don’t have a working dishwasher. What a nightmare!
Imagine if this happened at your holiday home. If it did do you have an emergency response service if an appliance decides to go cactus? Think about the guest experience. If the dishwasher, fridge or air-conditioning breaks down do you have processes and systems in place to be able to respond to that quickly so that your guests don’t get upset?
But also, do you actually have a dishwasher, air-conditioning or all the facilities that guests expect these days? A holiday rental is “not just a holiday rental”, it should be of the same kind of standard that you’ve got at home.
Think about the things that are going to elevate your property a little bit above the rest. Do you have a dishwasher, an espresso coffee machine or air-conditioning in the bedroom that is going to keep them beautifully cool on those hot summer nights? Do you have Wi-Fi, DVD players or games consoles? What can you do and what can you add to get yourself a little bit ahead? These things can upgrade your property to make it just that little bit better than the competition – that could be all you need to get the booking that they don’t…