What services do you provide?

We help:

  • New holiday home owners to rapidly get started and accelerate their bookings
  • Existing holiday home owners to turbocharge their bookings

Then we manage the entire rental process for you (from guest enquiry to check-out and everything in between).

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Is your service right for me?

  • Do you want to make high levels of profit from your holiday home?
  • Are you happy to sit back and let us manage your listing?

If you answer yes to these questions we are a match made in heaven!

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I just want to rent my property whilst I am on holiday- can you help?

If you are able to commit to a minimum listing period of 12 months we can help you.

I'm an existing holiday home owner - what does your service include?

Firstly we transform your online property listing to make it attractive to prospective guests. We do this by having professional photos taken of entire property, re-writing your property details and descriptions and optimising your pricing. We start channelling traffic to your listings straight away and we use of state of the art property management systems to raise standards above your competitors.

We then make sure you are listed on the best performing holiday rental websites in Australia.

Our unrivalled understanding of the major booking platforms helps to get you up the rankings and getting more bookings than ever before.

We also provide advice on improving your property, including furnishings, equipment, facilities and decor.

Once we’ve improved your listing we manage the process for you. Our Customer Service Team will be available 7 days a week should you want to ask any questions.

They will service all enquiries 7 days a week via email, text or phone. Our staff and systems process every booking and payment, send instructions to guests, schedule cleaners and will even handle maintenance or emergency repairs. Our customer portal provides real-time access to information on your bookings so you can see how brilliantly your property is now performing under our care and guidance.

Is your service available anywhere in Australia?

Our Lite service is available Australia wide.

Our Full and Premium service plans are only currently available

Please download our brochure for further information on what our plans include.

Do you manage long-term rental properties?

No, we only manage holiday rental properties.

How do I pay your fees?

Our fees are deducted from the booking proceeds received in our trust account.

Do you pay for cleaning?

No. Any fees and charges relating to the property (e.g. cleaning, utility bills, council rates) are paid by the owner (but these costs are passed onto the guest). We will validate any cleaning or repair invoices and pay these from the trust account.

How rapidly will my property be listed and be accepting bookings?

Dependent upon availability of photos, we can have your listing live between 24-48 hours of sign up.

I want to sign up? What do I need to do?

Before we get married we first need to date! Contact us and let’s see if we are a good match!

How do I know what facilities to provide for guests?

We provide a comprehensive property setup guide so that you can create the ideal holiday home for your guests.

Are you a real estate agent?

Yes – we are a licensed real estate agent.

Do you create the online listings?
Yes – we create all listings from scratch to ensure the highest levels of quality.

Can I still stay in my holiday home?

Yes you can stay in your holiday home as much as you want-it’s your home after all! You can block dates in seconds using our state of the art customer portal. Bear in mind that we are in the business of making you money-so the more you stay the less money we can make for you.

Why choose Professional Holiday Homes?

There are thousands of real estate agents, but few that understand the unique nature of holiday rental properties. As owners of some of Australia’s most successful, award-winning holiday rental properties we have built our expertise over nine years and thousands of guests.

There are companies that will put your guests in Egyptian sheets and send you bunches of flowers. We think you’d prefer money in your pocket, which is why we are able to offer highly competitive rates that will save you considerable amounts of money compared to your current provider.

Our model is simple-the more money you make, the more money we make- that’s why we’re focussed on continually improving your bookings-not resting on our laurels. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

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I'm setting up a new holiday home-how can you help me?

Yes! We can help you through the entire process.

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Are you able to hire cleaners and maintenance staff for me?

We will assign a cleaner for your property. All cleaners are carefully selected and have undergone police checks.

Do you supply linen?

Yes – linen in mandatory at all our properties . We store your linen securely at your property and charge guests a fee for use (included in booking fees).

Linen is laundered at very reasonable rates using our commercial partner.

Do you organise the cleaners and linen?

Yes! As part of the booking process we schedule post-guest cleans and laundering of linen.

Do I need to have specific insurance. Can you help me with arranging it?
Yes, having the right type of insurance is mandatory and we require a certificate of currency. We are more than happy to introduce you to our recommended insurance provider.

Can I get into trouble renting my holiday home?

Short-term rentals are not illegal and it is very unlikely that you should encounter any legal issues. However it is recommended that you check with both your local council as to the current regulations as well as your strata manager (if your property is within a strata scheme).

Can you help me to rent out a room or part of a property?

No, we only provide our service for entire properties.

If my property needs repairs what do you do?

If your property requires urgent repairs we will conduct the repairs on your behalf up to a value of $300.

How do you know what price to charge for my property?

We are holiday rental experts-no-one knows more about pricing a holiday rental better than we do! We use a combination of our experience in holiday rentals in conjunction with a comparison of local pricing data to optimize your income. We also create seasonal and special event pricing to maximise income at peak periods.

Who takes the photos?

We only use professional photographers who specialise in property photography. We carefully vet photographers to ensure the highest quality. We also provide advice on how to prepare your property prior to the photography session.

What are the tax implications of owning a holiday home?

All income must be declared to the ATO as part of your tax return, but also all of your related expenses are tax deductable – including our service. For further details please speak to your accountant.

How do you get bookings?

We list your property on the best performing holiday rental websites in Australia including Airbnb, Stayz & to name a few. We are always looking for new ways to market properties.

How many bookings can I expect to achieve?

This is a very difficult question to answer but we expect to be able to help your property significantly outperform similar properties in your area.