Safe Guests, Happy Host. The 7 Essential Ways to Protect Your Holiday Home from Risks.

Good news! You’ve just insured your holiday home with the best quality protection if something goes wrong. But how do you prevent things from going wrong in the first place? In the following guide,...

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The Pros and Cons of Starting a Holiday Rental Property

  Buying property for investment purposes is popular the world over. But most investors choose the option of long-term tenanted rentals rather than go down the path of owning a holiday rental pr...

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The 5 Key Staff That Holiday Rentals Need

Unless you live close to your property, you will require some staff to maintain and clean the property for you. If you do live close to the property and are planning on doing this yourself, be mindfu...

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Property insurance

Essential Insurance for Holiday Rental Properties

What many holiday homeowners don’t realise is that general insurers often do not cover holiday homes, and if they do the insurance is more than often inadequate. Having tailored holiday home ins...

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